Calibration Services

At Pacific Test Equipment we understand that selling the instrument is only the starting point. After sales support and service is essential for you to get the best from your instrument and maintain it in top condition for many years. Pacific Test Equipment calibrations are performed with reference standards calibrated by a NATA laboratory and are traceable to National Standards. Our state of the art test equipment is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that it provides the necessary accuracy in readings.

All calibrations include:

  • Detailed calibration reports as per the instrument specifications are provided for all calibrations.
  • A basic instrument clean.
  • A check that instrument is functioning correctly.
  • A safety inspection of any included test leads.

To book your instrument in for calibration please call 02 9659 2300 or click here to send an email.


Laboratory Capability

Pacific Test Equipment operates its own service and calibration laboratory in Castle Hill, Sydney. Your instrument is checked against our standards, all of which are calibrated by a NATA laboratory. This means your calibration is traceable to National Standards and will stand up to an audit. Pacific Test Equipment’s modern calibration laboratory boasts the latest automated calibration and precision reference standards. We can calibrate all electrical parameters plus temperature comprising direct contact and infra-red devices. We are the only laboratory in Australia which can calibrate high current ohmmeters at up to 800 Amps.

Our temperature controlled calibration laboratory is equipped to calibrate the following types of electrical testing equipment:

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzers Ohmmeters
  • Clamp meters Oscilloscopes
  • Decade Boxes PAT Testers
  • Earth testers Power and Power Quality Analysers
  • Insulation testers Power Supplies
  • Loop Impedence Meters Ratiometers
  • Multimeters RCD Testers
  • mVmA Calibrators Thermometers

We are able to calibrate all brands across this range of instruments.



Our prices are very competitive and are based on the model of the instrument and the complexity of the calibration. Please contact us on 02 9659 2300 or Click here to send an email for a written quotation.


Turnaround Time

We aim to turnaround equipment as quickly as possible – our standard turnaround target is within 5 days.

However, if there is a requirement for quicker turnaround we do have facility to book jobs in as urgent at an extra small cost.


Benefits of ordering a calibration report with your New Instrument from Pacific Test Equipment

Many customers require their instrument to have a current calibration report. Some customers buy new instruments and on delivery look for a laboratory to provide a calibration report. This means placing two orders on different suppliers and missing out on the economies of having your instrument delivered complete with calibration. It makes economic sense to purchase your instrumnet from Pacific test Equipment complete with a traceable calibration report which we offer at a reduced rate.


Value-added Benefits of a Pacific Test Equipment Calibration

  • We offer a Recall service at no extra cost. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the month that your instruments are due for calibration we will email a reminder notice with details of all instruments due for calibration in that month.
  • We also offer a repair service for most brands of electrical testing instruments. All repair costs are quoted for approval prior to commencement of repairs.
  • We are the Aust/NZ service centre for AEMC, Amptec, Chauvin Arnoux, Cropico, Dranetz, DV-Power, Elcon, N4L and Sonel.
  • Calibration Reports are normally sent by email to facilitate digital storage, however if a hard copy is preferred we will happily include with the instrument.
  • We will courier your instruments back for a small charge or you can come in and pickup if preferable.
  • Our Quality and Assurance systems ensure that you can be confident we will:
    • Take care of your instruments and any accessories
    • Communicate any issues with you promptly.
  • Our service technicians are highly skilled and regularly undergo training so as to offer the highest level of service possible.
  • We have a dedicated Service Customer Care Co-ordinator allowing us to provide personal and consistent communication about the status of your calibrations


Why Calibrate?

Calibration is the process of checking your instrument against a reference standard and identifying if it is within the specification of the manufacturer. It is important that the reference standard has a significantly higher accuracy than the tested instrument and that the reference standard is regularly checked by a NATA laboratory to confirm that it too is within its manufacturer’s specification. If your instrument is found to be out specification, then it becomes a service to return it to calibration. The service (or repair) can range from a simple adjustment either mechanically or more commonly by firmware to a significant repair requiring replacement of parts. You can understand that returning an out-of-specification instrument to within specification can range from a modest to a substantial cost, depending on the brand, model and type of instrument. At Pacific Test Equipment we always contact you with a quotation if we find your instrument is out of specification before embarking on any corrective work. This means that you can decide whether to proceed with the work or whether it is uneconomical to do so.

Calibration Enquiry