Cropico – RS3 Wide range 0.0001 ohm to 1 Mega ohm

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Category: Brand: Seaward


The RS3 range of resistance standards are constructed using carefully selected low temperature coefficient Manganin or Zeranin wire, depending on the value, mounted on formers which have a high mechanical stability. The wires are wound in a strain free manner and heat treated to remove any stresses. They are also artificially aged under the strictest control. The result is a standard of high quality with long term stability and permanence of calibration combined with a low temperature coefficient.

We offer the widest range of standard values available today. In addition we are able to manufacture for special applications (e.g. Pt100 simulation) special values to customer requirements.

The RS3 range also offers a high current carrying capability which makes them ideal for applications where precise current needs to be measured.

4 terminal construction, high stability resistance standard with wide range

  • Wide range 0.0001 ohm to 1 Mega ohm
  • Excellent load coefficient
  • Special values made to order


Model Value Uncertainty of Adjustment @20°C Uncertainty of Certification Temp Coeff Typical 15 to 20°C Stability Over 1 Year
RS3/001 0.0001Ω 0.02% ±200ppm 20ppm/°C 0.0025%
RS3/001 0.001Ω 0.01% ±50ppm 25ppm/°C 0.0025%
RS3/01 0.01Ω 0.01% ±25ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/02 0.02Ω 0.01% ±50ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/05 0.05Ω 0.01% ±50ppm 10pm/°C 0.001%
RS3/0.1 0.0.1Ω 0.003% ±25ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/1 0.003% ±25ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS/10 10Ω 0.003% ±25ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/25 25Ω 0.005% ±25ppm 10ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/50 50Ω 0.005% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/100 100Ω 0.003% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/250 250Ω 0.005% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/1K 1kΩ 0.003% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS3/10K 10kΩ 0.003% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS/100K 100kΩ 0.003% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.001%
RS/1M 0.01% ±25ppm 3ppm/°C 0.002%