DynAmp – RCEM Rectifier condition analysis system

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Improve rectifier reliability and efficiency
The RCEM system is used to monitor the “health” of a rectifier by measuring current at each semiconductor device in the rectifier. These measurements are critical for rectifiers to keep up with “capacity creep” expansions and current increases that approach the label current rating for rectifiers. Leading rectifier manufacturers use the RCEM for testing new and existing rectifier installations.

  • Accurately schedule preventative maintenance by monitoring and trending balance of individual currents among parallel rectifying devices.
  • Provide current measurement and alarming capabilities at the rectifying device level enabling “over-nameplate” operation, particularly in rectifiers with n-1 capability regarding devices per leg.
  • Characterize rectifiers during acceptance testing or commissioning of new power conversion equipment.
  • Portable, rugged, dependable and easy to install and use.

Special note regarding semiconductors :

DynAmp is now pleased to offers discrete semiconductor profiling both on-site and in our factory. Benefits include reduced current imbalance between devices resulting in longer, more consistent semiconductor life and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

  • During rectifier rebuilding, optimize semiconductor matching within each leg.
  • Ensure replacement semiconductors match those already operating on the same leg