Merytronic – IC1G Compact LV Cable Identifier

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Datasheet - Merytronic - IC1G


In order to assure a good quality of supply, electric utility companies and their contractors need to maintain reliable distribution network connectivity data.

For this purpose, in many occasions it becomes necessary to identify correctly live distribution network cables on the field:

– before opening a fuse.
– when making branches on feeders.
– on connectivity data campaigns, etc.

This identification has to be quick and unambiguous because of the possible consequences that could derive of choosing the wrong cable (life threat, network failure, etc.) .

The IC1G Cable Identification Equipment, consists of a transmitter, IC1G-TX, and a receiver, IC1G-RX. Equipment operation is simple: once the transmitter has been connected to an accessible point of the network, the receiver can be used to identify the cable at any location, from the supply point to the MV/LV transformer.

  • IC1G-TX – Transmitter and IC1G-RX – Receiver
  • IC1G-TX Signal transmitter is connected to the cable to be identified.
  • IC1G RX Signal receiver. Identifies positively cables in the path between the injection point and the transformer.
    It´s identification algorithm guarantees a positive identification even in very long and harmonic-saturated lines.
    It´s small size makes very easy to use in places of dificult access like trenches, manholes etc.
    With different sensors can identify single core (sensor ring) and multi core (U sensor) cables.
  • Rogowski coil for single core cables
  • Search coil for multicore cables
  • Identify live electrical cables without de-energising the line
  • Works on LV distribution cables up to 250 Vac (50 or 60 Hz networks)
  • Works by superimposing a low frequency current load end of a cable
  • Advantages:
    •  no leakage of the signal to adjacent cables
    • the signal does not travel down T-offs or branches
  • A graphic display shows voltage at signal injection point (IC1G-TX), 50/60Hz passive current (IC1G-RX), and received signal’s amplitude and polarity (IC1G-RX).
  • Shows voltage at signal injection point, current, received signal polarity & battery information
  • Max cable length > 10km
  • Rechargeable battery on transmitte
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact & handheld