Sonel – ERP-1 Tower Adapter for Earth Resistance Measurement

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Datasheet - ERP-1

Category: Brand: Sonel



  • Tower tester adaptor
  • Sonel ERP-1 adapter is used for earth resistance measurements of electricity pylons using flexible clamp – Rogowski coil.
    It is designed to operate with the Sonel’s earth resistance meters (MRU series), in 3-wire with clamp measurement function. Ergonomic, handy and user friendly design casing makes the measurements of pylons earth resistance quick and easy.
    The adapter works with the following meters:

    • Sonel MRU-120,
    • Sonel MRU-200,
    • Sonel MRU-200-GPS
    • For this measurement we offer clamps in several length versions and different electrical specifications.

    Technical specification of offered flexible clamps:

    • FS-2 – 100 µV / 1 A, length 4000 mm
    • FSX-3 – 300 µV / 1 A, length 2000 mm

    Pylon earth resistance measurement adapter specification:

    • Measurement range……up to 5 A
    • Operating frequency……up to 125Hz (for work in 50Hz network), 150Hz (for work in 60Hz network)
    • Power supply……3 x battery LR6 1,2 – 1,5 V
    • Measurement category…..CAT IV 300 V in accordance with IEC 61010-1

    Standard accessories:

    • Sonel ERP-1 adapter
    • flexible clamps FS-2
    • user manual
    • soft carrying case
    • 3x batteries AA (LR6) 1,5V