New Micro-ohmmeters fit in the Palm of Your Hand

The trend in electronic miniaturisation is transforming test tools. The latest Lithium-Polymer battery technology gives you a choice between briefcase-sized testers and smaller, lighter, hand-held models.

The DV-Power RMO-H micro-ohmmeter delivers up to 300 Amps of test current and performs up to 960 tests before the battery requires re-charging. You can confidently perform a whole day of testing at multiple locations; in substations, switchyards etc., on a full charge.

The RMO200H weighs less than 1kg, is weatherproof to IP54, and is ideal for testing circuit breaker and switch contacts, high-current bus-bar joints, cable crimps, splices and welded connections.

DV Power’s Exclusive New Technology

Previous generations of battery-powered ohmmeters rely on nickel-metal-hydride batteries to charge a capacitor. The RMO-H takes advantage of the latest high-power capacity battery technology. It has a user replaceable Li-Po battery which delivers up to 300A direct to the test object!

User Selectable Test Current

Test current is selectable from 1 to 100A, 220A, or 300A, depending on the model. The current is ramped up to the selected value and ramped down at the end of the test decreasing magnetic transients. Tests up to 100A have a duration of 0.3s and tests over 100A 0.1s duration.

Highest Accuracy & Resolution

Measurements are at a class-leading resolution of 0.1µΩ, and an accuracy of ±0.1%; 10-times superior to other battery powered ohmmeters!

Additionally, a Rmax function alerts the user if a pre-set maximum resistance value is exceeded.

Re-charge at Any Time!

Usage patterns can vary, so being able to recharge a partly drained Li-Po battery between tests without reducing the life of the battery gives the DV-Power instrument a major advantage over Ni-Mh powered instruments where battery fatigue and life is more of an issue.

The Li-Po battery will recharge in just 2 hours.  Far better than overnight charging with Ni-Mh batteries. Charging is from the mains, or a 12V vehicle charger

Thumbs-up for Simpler Operation!

DV Power have also designed new Kelvin Probes with a remote-start thumb trigger. The user, while holding the probes down on a test point, can conveniently initiate a test by simply pressing a button on a probe.

(Image showing One person operation of the RMO-H using the remote Kelvin Probes)

Both Sides Grounded

High voltage equipment, such as circuit breakers, are frequently earthed on both sides for safety when taken out of service for testing. Although the grounding of either side places a short across the breaker contacts, the RMO-H incorporates a “Both Sides Grounded” capability to measure contact resistance under these conditions.

Memory & Software

The RMO-H can store 1000 measurements on an SD card, and communicates via Bluetooth to a PC running the supplied DV-Win software. DV-Win software can be used to fully control the RMO-H via Bluetooth, download stored measurement data, analyse test results, and generate test reports. Software upgrades are free for the life of the instrument.

3-Year Warranty

As with all DV-Power Products, the RMO-H is covered by a 3-year warranty and fully supported and serviced in Australia and New Zealand by Pacific Test Equipment.