Sweep Frequency Response Analysis is the injection a range of frequencies into a winding of a power transformer. If the transformer is built correctly with no imperfections or faults, the frequency response plot of that particular type of transformer becomes the transformer’s “fingerprint”.

Over the course of the transformers lifetime this “fingerprint” can be used in order to detect degradation of the transformer.

The Newtons 4th SFRA45 is a Sweep Frequency Response Analyser offers a fully portable solution for field SFRA and fully complies with IEC60076-18.

Featuring an inbuilt colour LCD screen and Li-Ion battery powered, the tablet style instrument can be used with or without PC Software. The SFRA-Comm software enables the user to create databases from which historical transformer sweeps can be recalled and compared to current sweeps for analysis. This offers the ability to perform “Fingerprint Comparison” tests throughout the transformers life.

The Newtons 4th SFRA45 is available exclusively from Pacific Test Equipment.